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Toffee manufacturing machine for Iraq

As we know the chocolate industry in Iran has grown dramatically in recent years and we have seen tremendous progress in this industry. There are many factories around the country that produce chocolate, toffee and sweets and many of these products are exported.

One of our main products in domestic sales and exports is toffee filling, fruit toffee and sour toffees. It is also one of the best quality products suitable for  export.

toffee manufacturing machine

About Toffee Chocolate Production

The chocolate industry in the world has been around for about 100 years. In those years, the production of tofu was limited to only five countries in Europe, and it was sold through the countries around the world. But over the years, other countries have also come to share their knowledge and experience, including Iran. Iran, with nearly 70 years of production of toffee and candy, is now one of the main sources of sales in the Middle East. One of Iran’s capacities in discussing toffee chocolate is the production of Toffee manufacturing machines.

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Toffee manufacturing machines for Iraq

As we said, Iran is currently one of the main exporters of toffee and chocolate in the Middle East. Exports in this area last year were over one billion dollars. During the years of making toffee and other types of toffee, the manufacture and sale of toffee has been one of our successes in domestic sales to various factories and manufactures as well as to foreign and especially neighboring countries. one of the best and important of our  business partners is Iraq. we have many deals with Iraqi-an traders in term of supplying Toffee manufacturing machines.

Toffee manufacturing machine

Production line and sale of toffee and candy manufacturing machines.

The Forming Line is an integrated unit whose performance can make your products productive and integrated. Production  at a uniform rate and rate of good capacity up to 500 kg per hour can be done in all types of toffee filling, fruit toffee and  chewing candy. The pressure on the different types of candy and toffee is adjustable and the machine mold is replaceable.

Contact us to find out more about the price of toffee manufacturing machine.

Toffee manufacturing machine

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